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Colin Mackay – Beech leaf mining weevil, a new invasive pest in Nova Scotia.

Colin MacKay is a biologist with Forest Protection Limited and Acadia University

The beech leaf mining weevil, Orchestes fagi, is a pest of beech in Europe and is now established in Nova Scotia in the Halifax area as well as Cape Breton.  Both adults and larvae damage the foliage of American beech, making the crowns appear scorched when damage is severe. The adults overwinter in cracks and crevices of beech boles infested with beech bark disease and under scales of other trees as well (e.g., maple, spruce) making firewood movement a potential pathway for artificial spread.  I will briefly describe highlights of recent research on biology, survey and control of the beech weevil in Nova Scotia.


John Charles is a regional and community Planner with Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

Atlantic Urban Forest Collective Conference-Moncton, NB-November 27th, 2014

John Charles is a regional and community Planner with Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

Since 2010, he has served as project manager for the HRM Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP). During this time he has worked closely with John Simmons, HRM’s Urban Forester, as well as Dr. Peter Duinker and his dedicated team of graduate and post graduate students at Dalhousie University’s School for Resource and Environmental Studies. The UFMP was adopted by HRM’s Regional Council in September, 2012. Since then, the UFMP project team has focused on Plan implementation. To date, the City has planted over 3,500 new street trees and has developed a trial collaborative proactive pruning program with Nova Scotia Power. In addition, HRM has partnered with volunteers throughout the region to plant over 12,000 seedlings and hardwood whips in City parks. In 2014 the UFMP gained national recognition for excellence in planning. HRM and Dalhousie University received the Canadian Institute of Planners Merit Award for New and Emerging Planning.

Jessica McEachren – Speaker at the Atlantic Urban Forest Workshop – November 27, 2014

Jessica McEachren
Supervisor of Woodlands & Natural Areas, Forestry Division, City of Mississauga.

Jessica McEachren is the Supervisor of Woodlands and Natural Areas for the City of Mississauga.  She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a Masters in Environmental Resource Management from the University of Waterloo; and is a trained ecologist, an ISA Certified Arborist and a Registered Professional Planner in the Province of Ontario. Jessica’s career began as a consulting wetland and terrestrial biologist, and moved to the public sector as a municipal environmental planner.  Since joining the City three years ago, she has been an integral part of the development and now implementation of some of the most prominent Forestry projects for the City, including the Urban Forest Management Plan and Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan.  Her work has brought the management, growth and restoration of the City’s Urban Forest to the top of municipal priorities in the City of Mississauga.